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Bob has had a life-long career in photography, which began at San Jose State University in 1957, when he switched his major from Industrial Arts. After college, Bob enlisted when he was assured of serving as a photographer and darkroom technician in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. In West Germany, his skills and experience with equipment and lab work was developed and polished, and there was great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature in the Black Forest. Returning to California in 1965, Bob produced industrial and military training films for Raytheon Electronics. He began showing his color nature prints. From 1969 through 1981, Bob exhibited and sold his photography in West Coast galleries.

During the early 1980's, Bob taught color darkroom workshops, then expanded to include field trips. Many former customers who had purchased his framed photographs wanted to learn photography and how he worked in the field. Bob's Pacific Image Photography Workshops offered adventures in Canada, England, the South Pacific, Hawaii, New England, the Pacific Coast, the Southwest deserts, and national parks. The workshops evolved into writing about his adventures and sharing as much as possible with others. Photograph America Newsletter includes information gathered from these travels and from research trips on his own.